House Clearance Putney
House Clearance Putney SW15

Relocating from one house to another is always an emotional and tasking exercise. There are the household items to be moved safely without any damage, there are those items which you don’t wish to take with you to the new house, but which are worth some money. Still, the tenancy agreement may dictate that you ensure that you leave the premises clean and tidied up. As such, it makes much sense to get the services of a reputable house clearance company that gets all of the above done effectively, without costing you an arm and a leg. Well, Manor clearance is that company; we offer reliable and affordable house clearance services in Putney SW15 and surrounding areas.

Our company is staffed with experienced and properly trained house clearance technicians able to foresee and prevent scenarios as that mentioned above. We pride ourselves in having helped many residents of Putney move smoothly, without having to worry about the clearance requirements.

  • Apart from house clearance, we also offer decluttering services, cellar and basement removal, hoarding, furniture removal, flat clearance, garage and shed clearance, and so much more.


  • We know every noose and cranny in Putney SW15; which means that when you call us, we can show up at your premises in under an hour. Besides, we are an insured company and you don’t have to worry about any item getting damaged during the moving process; everything is taken care of.


  • When it comes to moving bulky items like furniture, beds, wardrobes, big fridges, we concur that such may pose a challenge; but not to Manor clearance! We have specialized equipment to clear such in a fast and safe manner, whether you life in a flat, or in a mansion, we are always equal to the task.



Don’t compromise or settle for a house clearance company that aims to exploit you and then deliver substandard clearance services; call us today and we’ll explain to you why Manor Clearance is the leading house clearance company in Putney SW15 and all other surrounding areas.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]