How to List Decedent’s Household Property

If you are the executor, you’ll need to list all the things you find in the decedent’s residence. Everything they owned from the day they were born until the date of their death comes as your task as an executor. You are in charge to list all the things they owned and then make sure they end up where they are supposed to.


First, you need to prepare an inventory list of all the personal and household items. Please, bare in mind that if the decedent has a surviving spouse, the personal and household items may be staying in place after their death, unless there are things in the will they need to go to others. If they have a living spouse then you still need to list everything and prepare all items of real value for later valuation.Remember it is your duty not to allow relatives and friends to go in and out the house and remove things as you’ll still need to value them.


When you start the valuation, you usually need to go through the personal and household property and basically clean up and clear out. If you are in the area of Knightsbridge, don’t hesitate to contact us. Manor Clearance is a company that both provides house clearance services and probate valuation. In most cases, clothes are usually given to charities, and that’s another thing our company can help you with. Household objects either follow the same route or are going on a sale. Of course, not everything has no value, and yet again it’s your job to separate out the good stuff. Bare in mind, that sometimes the most hideous pieces of furniture are among the most expensive ones!


Regardless of what you think, you need to carefully check every corner in the house, from the attic to the garage. You never know what you can find. Also, if you know the property and the items it holds, you might want to get a guide to get an idea of how much something costs and what is its value. Plus, if you are aware that some of the things you are listing have a great value, you might even consider bringing an antiques dealer to help you sort out the value.


Once you enter the property, remember to take as many photos and videos, so you’ll have a proof that nothing has been moved by you, let’s say if someone starts questioning your work. Another thing you can do is bring a witness with you, who will make sure everything stays in line.


And last but not least. If you are still wondering how to prepare your house for valuation, or you have any question or you are looking for a professional service, don’t hesitate to give us a call.