Finding hidden gems whilst clearing your home…our process

probate valuer

When clearing your home, there are many surprises you can come across, but the best surprise of all, for us and our clients, is finding a piece of buried treasure within the confines of your family members belongings.

Firstly, lets catch you up on what we mean by a ‘hidden gem’. This term may be confusing to some readers but all in all, it means a valuable that’s price or presence is unknown by the owner of the item. In simpler terms, the house owner doesn’t know the value of the items in their home.

What happens next?

In the event of finding a valuable item, the next step in the valuation process is for our team to get in contact with you and discuss the process of assessing the valuable to determine it’s retail price. Usually, your items are inspected by our expert probate valuers and a price is discussed at which the item could sell for when auctioned, additionally, whether it is increasing or decreasing in value.

Making your decision

Potentially, the items that are the most valuable are also very sentimental to you. This means that no matter the value, the most popular decision will be to keep the valuable item without auctioning it. At this point, you can opt out of auctioning your valuables. If you decide to auction your belongings through us or independently, we can help you take these next steps…

Auctioning at Manor Clearance

Auctioning your valuable items with our probate valuer will ensure you get what your item is worth and what you are entitled to. For example, one of the most valuable items ever found during a home clearance was a very rare 18th-century Chinese vase which was later sold for an astounding £43m at an auction in London. Without the probate valuer that spotted this hidden gem; It would have potentially been discarded as an old vase and sold for little at a boot sale, which further concludes that you should always get your belongings valued before disposing of them.

So if you happen to find an item that looks and feels of value; don’t discard of it, instead call the Manor Clearance team of specialist probate valuers!