House clearance services for Landlords

Much of our work is specifically focused on the area of probate, purely because we are recognised as one of London’s leading probate valuation experts when it comes to valuing the contents of a deceased estate.

However, we do carry out a wide and varied range of clearance services from domestic homes, offices, small factories, garages, lockups and other property types, none of which involve a probate situation. We also work alongside a number of landlords with large portfolios of property and are regularly asked to conduct clearance of landlord-owned properties, occasionally when someone has died, but mainly when it has been abandoned or left in an unruly state by a previous tenant. Because of the scale of our operations, we are able to quickly in these situations when a property has become vacant, needs clearing quickly, and of course, the decorators are waiting and armed to get the property renovated and back onto the rental market.

Our landlord service is again, wide and varied, but importantly it is responsive, which is the most important trait of supporting this particular and highly relevant market. Especially, given the sheer scale of rental properties in London and the Home Counties that at some point will require house clearance services.

We are able to responsibly dispose of items, and recycle/upcycle where it is deemed possible and in today’s environmentally conscious world, necessary!

There is an abundance of London multiple property owners, all requiring a cost-effective, comprehensive and fast service. At Manor Clearance, we are one of the few London House clearance firms that can cover all angles for a property portfolio, and we are very proud to say that we have built up some considerable relationships with some of the landlords in the region.

If you are a landlord or multiple property owners, whether that is domestic or commercial, we are able to support you with our excellent team of house clearance professionals. Please do get in touch with us if you want a comparative quotation, or simply looking for advice. We are always here to help!