We don’t just deal with a deceased estate when it comes to clearing a property

Although we aren’t house movers, we do continually clear homes for several reasons. Typically, our work does revolve around the death of a deceased person’s estate, whereby we provide a comprehensive service from valuation, auction logistics, waste disposal and a comprehensive clearance of a home. However, we also clear houses for other reasons.

House clearance in the case of divorce

Divorce and a breakdown of a marriage can be a traumatic time for all involved. When this happens, the last thing all parties involved want to do is to clear their house. It can be a delicate operation, with many memories attached to the house and its possessions. Manor Clearance provides a sensitive house clearance service in this situation. We can dispose of and distribute all items either based on the wishes of the owners or by way of any legal instruction. This takes a great deal of hassle away and can help prepare a home ready for sale if that is the agreed direction.

We can list all valuable items, suggest any upcycling or recycling opportunities, and dispose of waste in a responsible manner.

End of tenancy house clearance

Landlords are very often time-poor, and either contact via the landlord or representing agent sees us being called out to clear a property following a tenant moving on. This can be a quick service, whereby we will itemize and dispose of anything that isn’t wanted by the landlord, making sure the house is quickly ready for any further works, cleaning, and reoccupation.

Bespoke clearance work as well as deceased estates

We are often called by many customers that have just moved into a new home to clear various areas of that home. This could be outbuildings, garages, and large sheds, where the previous owners have left possessions behind. Typically, items are too large to move, or too difficult to dispose of. With our waste disposal license, we make sure everything is removed and dealt with ethically and sustainably.

House clearance, especially in London and the densely populated home counties, gathers a vast and wide spectrum of reasons why we are called in to help, not just for a deceased estate. Our work, every time, is to make sure we have highly satisfied customers with clear homes and properties.