Taking Care of Your Art Collections and Antiques

Let’s say you late relative has left some very interesting valuables in your position. Manor Clearance can recognize them and identify their true market value. However you may not want to sell the antiques or art collections. If so it is very important to know how to keep their value by storing and taking care of these the correct way. Sometimes these simple steps and precautions can increase the longevity of your art works and antiques, as well as limit the possibility of any damage.

Painting, Prints and Photography

If you decide to expose your paintings and art work, choose a spot there the sunlight is at its lowest, use spotlights with UV filters and definitely avoid direct sunlight.

Light damage is not something you can easily restore. It destroys the art work value irreversibly. It affects the dyes and paper structure, as well as photography emulsions, pigment and dyes.

To make sure your art work is protected the best yet most expensive way to go are window films. The next in line is the UV filtering glass. This one is even more practical, since if you frame your piece of art with this kind of glass you can hang it anywhere and it will still be protected.

On the other hand even darkness can be damaging to light-sensitive paintings. Always make sure that the light is no less then 5LUX to avoid blackening of some kinds of paint, especially in old and often expensive art work.

What is the best spot to hang your art work?

Art work is not resistant to humidity and mechanical damage. Always make sure your art work is nowhere near fireplaces, dust, and dirt or moisture sources. Avoid stairways, behind doors or busy corridors, as well as sources of heat such as radiators or any heaters.

Now it is advisable never to hand the art work while it is still unpacked as well and make sure the back of the paintings is placed on a dry and stable surface.

paintings on a wall

House clearance process is often the best time to identify unique and valuable art work in your property. Old houses usually keep secret treasures that not even the original owner was certain how valuable they are. The most important aspect of the house clearance process is not to miss on the opportunities of find, keep or sell these unique valuables, as well as to find a suitable way to dispose all of the other furniture and items of no value to you.

Manor Clearance with years of experience in house clearance in London pays close attention to your valuables as well as to other items that need to be removed, by finding suitable disposal spots or giveaways for items that are still in use and can be of benefit to someone. This is the green aspect of our business as it is everyone’s job to take care of our environment the best way we can. This is our way and we know our customers appreciate it.