Upcycling and recycling, is it a long-term change in mentality or just a fad?

In recent years, upcycling of old furniture and just about every item you can imagine has become a major change in public mentality. You could say with have upcycled the way we think about things we used to throw away, burn or discard, with a view to making things we use last that much longer. It is a positive move toward a form of sustainability but is it just a fad or a phase we are going through to justify our social consciousness. With the many incredible creations, we at Manor House Clearance in London think not. We actually promote the task of upcycling and look to recommend to our clients this process, with plenty of people who will take an item and turn it into something beautiful, useful and purposeful.

There have been many examples of some quite innovative and incredible upcycling and recycling, and sharing these as we have done with clients before, does get us very excited by the prospect and hope it does with anyone reading this article today. So, here are some great examples:

  • Ever wondered what you can do with some old coat hangers? This example of upcycling or recycling is highly innovative. Architects LIKArchitects took a few hundred colour coat hangers and turned them into a beautiful chromatic screen.
  • How about an old grand piano that had seen better days. Upcycled to create a fabulous bookcase.
  • What about some old can tabs and plastic spoons? What could you create from them that could look so good? This page examples fabulous ideas as well as many other uses of materials
  • Fancy starting your own upcycled clothing brand? Now there are many of these brands including Patagonia, Beyond Retro, Fanfare and Rubymoon that takes discarded fishing nets and plastic bottles, turning them into some fabulous activewear.

Upcycling and recycling come in all forms, from plastic spoons that make lampshades, to more commercial ideas like the many clothing brands that have used everyday materials to create highly sort-after possessions. Upcycling and recycling are certainly not a fad, they are a reality of modern living and I suspect we will be seeing some quite amazing use of creativity and technology to continue along this sustainable journey.

Just remember, when you are about to throw something away, just stop yourself for a moment to wonder if you could make alternative use of that item. That is the new train of thought that we must all adopt if we want to live in a more sustainable world, including ourselves at Manor House Clearance in London.