Have you ever cleared your loft? If not, you may be missing out on a small fortune

Have you ever wondered if there is something valuable hiding in the depths of your home? People often disregard the belongings in their loft because we expect valuables to be within eyesight, but what about that old stack of books you’ve forgotten about? Or that old painting you purchased from a car boot sale. Anything in your loft could potentially be valuable if you look close enough.

Expect the unexpected

Typically, you don’t expect to find something of value when clearing a dark and dusty room like a loft, but sometimes the most valuable items are stored in the places you don’t expect. There has been a collection of times that we have discovered a diamond in the rough of a cluttered loft and to the owner of the homes surprise, they have no idea how valuable it is!

If you happen to have any first editions or paintings you have never had a close look at, it might be time to call in the professionals to clear your loft and value its contents, the reason this may be a difficult task to complete yourself is because some items that may just seem like toot can end up being the most valuable. For example, a diamond worth 2 million pounds was found during a home clearance in Northumberland, something that could have easily been looked over.

The most valuable loft finds

There are many news articles with incredible stories of extremely rare finds during loft clearance, but the one that stood out the most is a Russian figurine found stored in an attic for over 70 years ended up being one of just 50 in existence, and subsequently sold for 5.2 million at auction.

Being in the clearance sector and having over 30 years of experience, our team have found some interesting valuables when clearing homes in London. These finds often had variable differences in age and condition as many items people don’t expect to be worth something can sometimes be the most valuable of them all.

Are you looking for a loft clearance service?

Don’t let your loft become a dumping ground for keepsakes, valuables don’t discriminate and one of your belongings may be worth serious cash!

At Manor Clearance we are inspired by the stories we hear about these incredible finds, so much so that our loft clearance service offers additional probate valuations services. So, you never have to miss out on these unexpectable discoveries.