How we cope with the physicality of house clearance on hot days!

As I write this article, it is Monday 18th July 2022, and the Met Office has released its first-ever ‘red warning’ for extreme heat. Unprecedented temperatures are, of course, a further indication of climate change and the type of weather we should be expecting here in Blighty in the future. This creates a decision for us with the physical demands of clearing homes.

London is where we do most of our house clearance work, and the temperature is set to beat the 40 degrees Celsius mark for the very first time in recorded temperatures history. You would imagine it not to be a good day lugging around furniture and large boxes in a house clearance situation. You would be correct in your assumptions, and our work is and can be highly physical.

The physical demands of clearing homes

Even without the heat, we are experiencing today, house clearance is physically demanding. Heavy furniture, endless boxes of household goods, negotiating stairs and difficult passageways and the sheer volume of items we would move on anyone project. That is why the job of a house clearance isn’t for the faint-hearted. Our teams are full of physically fit individuals, all of who are well versed in expanding their cardiovascular strengths, and pushing themselves physically on a daily basis. It is a tough job for the fittest of individuals with the demands of clearing homes!

Our teams are armed with plenty of fluids, energy drinks and other sustenance that will ensure they are kept hydrated and well whilst carrying out their work.

The technical financial implications of do-it-yourself house clearance

You then have to consider the more technical aspects of house clearance. A good example is most modern recycling centres require you to separate the waste first before disposal into various-sized and situated containers.  This can not only be physically demanding – going from one container to another – but also time-consuming to sort out. The other aspect is protecting items in transit. Our vans are fully kitted out to provide the necessary protection for valuable and fragile items. Trying to move items of this nature yourself, could end up in a situation of false economy. Where you have saved on the cost of hiring the professionals in favour of just hiring a van for a few days from the local hire place, one broken valuable can quickly counteract any saving you have made.

Calling in the professionals to clear homes is a much better choice, and although you may feel you are physically and mentally up for the job, the potential for injuries and accidents is much higher than it would be for our teams, who are extremely well versed at clearing homes and the physical exertions of this type of work.