Probate Valuation Explained…

To ensure that the total value of an estate is reported accurately for insurance tax purposes, valuing your property with probate valuation is very important. There are varying reasons why an estate may need valuation. For example, you may be getting a divorce, in dept or it could be the unfortunate circumstance of a deceased persons property needing to be sold.

The first step of probate valuation is analysing the items within a home and valuing them accordingly. Once we have a more in depth understanding of the value of these Items, recommendations for selling these belongings will follow suit. What you may not realise is many of the items you see in auction are analysed and sold through probate valuation.

The importance of auctions

Over the years of someone’s life, people collect some extraordinary finds that if they’re not valuable to the persons family once they have passed over, they could be very valuable to an auction collector.  In the UK, auctions are a very prevalent part of our culture, with shows like the antiques roadshow, flog it and the antiques road trip gaining huge traction and making this hobby evermore popular. These shows encourage people to resell their items instead of sending them to landfill!

Currently waste prevention is more important than ever as climate change is showing itself more and more in our daily lives. Using auction houses to our advantage helps to create a circular economy, meaning it prevents waste production before it arises.

Our incredible finds!

We have found many a hidden gem whilst clearing homes in London, but there has been a few that have stood out to us. Some of our biggest surprises when clearing these homes has been valuable jewellery and clothing, gorgeous classic cars and antiques collectables that are in fact a hidden gold mine.

Our clients often ask us what our most valuable finds have been during our 30 years’ experience in the field. Although our team have differing opinions on this question, this one item stands out to all of us as one, if not our most incredible find. This happens to be a vintage Bugatti found in a barn several years ago and was valued by our expert probate valuers at a whopping 5 million pounds!

But why is it so important?

Using probate valuation will ensure none of your hidden valuables will go amiss during the clearance service. There have been many times items have shown up in auction and have been sold for a significantly larger price than people expect. To guarantee you get your money’s worth, working with a professional valuer is crucial.

Our experts at Manor Clearance can study and identify the value in yours or the person you are clearings home. We clear homes in an eco-friendly way, recycling and upcycling every item possible and valuing your belongings accurately to make certain you don’t miss out on a small fortune.