It’s all in the careful handling and packing!

It is sometimes difficult to appreciate just how many of the items we deal with daily are extremely delicate and fragile in a probate and logistics situation. Many of which also have a great deal of meaning to the benefactors of an estate. Careful handling is an absolute must and our teams are meticulously and trained to understand what they are handling is of monetary and personal value to someone.

Our house clearance teams are taught how to handle delicate items. It isn’t just the actual handling when picking up and carrying items, we are talking about the whole process. How we handle and move items, protect them while in transit and appreciate how and what are the best methods of making sure precious items are received in A1 condition are a large part of our training, experience and appreciation of the work we do.

When we handle the possessions from an estate, we are either shipping careful to a chosen auction house, or we are utilising the services of a professional logistics company that are just as diligent when it comes to handling these delicate objects. Typically, we use the services of companies like JenTel Packing.

JenTel Packing has been handling and shipping high value, delicate and important items for decades in probate and logistics situations. They will handle antiques, fine art, and collectables sold at auction, or provide a bespoke consolidated consignment service once an estate has been valued for probate, collecting a whole bequested estate of family heirlooms and carefully packing and crating these for distribution to a final chosen location, wherever that may be in the world.

At Manor Clearance, we always make sure the right companies are involved in a project, managing the whole process to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the items within a family estate.

We value our own partnerships very highly and understand that the same attitudes and diligence should be practised right throughout the valuation and logistics process.