Two significant attitudes and skills that set us apart

At Manor House Clearance London, we are often asked what is the difference between you and any other responsible house clearance company that works in the London and home counties region? It is a question that we are very comfortable and confident in answering. Simply because we can differentiate the importance of valuation and sustainability in our work and how this can positively impact our clients. 

House Clearance is a widely practised service and trade, with varying levels of expertise and knowledge inherent in the culture and people that work in the industry. There is also the ethical stance, demonstrating a high degree of professionalism in a market that requires trust and compliance. These qualities culminate in some major differences between London and Home Counties companies like Manor House Clearance and others.  We follow a strict but simple code of conduct. One that covers all areas of our work, but simplifies the process, ethos and outcomes. With us, the outcome can be a very different experience than it may be with others. So, what are those qualities?

Keep sustainability at the top of the agenda with responsible house clearance

In human history, there has never been a more important time. We are now on the cusp of change for the better, and our natural world dictates there is no choice other than to change our habits. The modern world has created some incredible technological advances, and we all must use these advances to create a better and more sustainable world. This is our philosophy and fast becoming the attitude of all of us.

Our commitment to sustainability, we believe, is second to none in the house clearance and probate valuations industry. Our website and its look and feel are strongly associated with our passion for all things sustainable, and our attitude matches this. When we carry out a responsible house clearance in London or the home counties, our philosophy is very simple… Throw away as little as is humanly possible, and when we do, it has to be in a sustainable manner. We want to reduce the impact of further landfills and unsustainable solutions as much as we can, and we are very proud of that commitment. Upcycling and recycling are all options and you would be amazed how a seemingly broken and unused piece of furniture can be recycled and sometimes reinvented into something new and interesting for a new owner.

We make sure the maximum value ends up in the right hands

One of the big parts of our business is valuation. Much of our work involves the clearance of houses in a probate situation, and we are asked by the legal representatives to provide an accurate valuation of deceased possessions. This isn’t just about spotting the valuable items and disposing of the rest, it is a highly responsible task that meticulously details every possession and allocates that possession to a professionally estimated value. This can be an item that is purely suitable for upcycling through to a valuable antique. Our job is to ensure that the true and maximum value of an estate is realised for the beneficiaries. It is all too easy to miss the value of possessions, so our systemised approach to detailing and valuing possessions has been perfected over decades, providing all parties with a detailed itinerary to scrutinise.

As a company that very much prides itself on a responsible approach to house clearance and probate valuations in and around London, we always like to make sure our existing and future customers are aware of our positive attitudes towards our work.