Commercial property clearance in London and Home Counties

Although, the vast majority of our work involves the clearance of homes, typically and unfortunately when someone has died and the property requires clearance as part of a probate situation.

Just occasionally, we are asked to look at commercial clearance projects. This can be a factory, small unit or office requiring responsible and ethical clearing. We use that term ‘responsible’ wisely as very often in comparison to house clearance, we are dealing with rather sensitive items and hazardous materials. It is part of the job we are well-versed at dealing with, and this requires our team to be aware of the situation and what they a dealing with in their role. The specific or additional things to be mindful of are:

  • Hazardous materials and responsible disposable of these items
  • Sensitive documentation
  • Computer equipment and ensuring the security of hard drives and storage content
  • Responsible disposal of fluids and chemicals
  • Decommissioning of machinery and equipment
  • Unique valuation of assets by specific industry experts

Indeed, there is a great deal more involved in the process of clearing a commercial property. Each property and certainly, each project is unique and takes on a different guise where due diligence is concerned.

As most of our house clearance work is concentrated around London and Home Counties, we are in a zone that contains an abundance of commercial property, probably the largest density of this type of property in the UK. Naturally, this type of clearance can also be a bolt-on to a house clearance project, where the deceased also owns commercial units, from lock-up garages through to small manufacturing works. Having been trading now for decades in the region, we have built up an enviable contact base of specialist recycling experts and resellers of commercial goods. This puts us in a unique position to be able to handle the numerous joint residential and commercial clearance projects we are asked to carry out.