House clearance, keeping your RADAR operational and looking for value

RADAR – an acronym that stands for Rarity, Aesthetics, Desirability, Authenticity, and Really good condition. Something to look out for in probate valuations and house clearance in London.

At Manor House Clearance, one of our regular projects is the clearing of a deceased person home on behalf of a relative. It is a sensitive process, and we are often called in by a family member, an auction house or the probate solicitor who is handling the affairs of the estate.

Many houses in London and specifically West London where much of our work comes from is to value the contents of homes that typically have a long and wide family history. Many of the deceased are several generations down the line of families that have resided in the area for 100s of years. This is a typical historic scenario for uncovering something of real value. A situation we recognize and where the deceased and the families they leave behind had and have absolutely no idea they were and are sitting on something of considerable value.

An astonishing example of a house clearance find

The most astonishing example of this was the Chinese Qianlong-dynasty vase. The vase was originally thought to have been looted by the British from the Imperial Summer Palace during the infamous raids in 1860. 

The vase eventually ended up in the home of a deceased lady in suburban Pinner and was uncovered by a family member as part of a house clearance. It had a pride of place on a bookshelf for years, with absolutely no idea of its true value. Subsequently, the vase sold at auction for £43 million to a Chinese buyer, although after some discussions it eventually sold to a Far Eastern collector for the princely sum suspected to be around £22 million. An amazing find, and we suspect a complete shock to all concerned.

Although the Qianlong-dynasty vase is an exceptional case with an astounding value, it is common to come across surprisingly valuable items when conducting a house clearance. 

Manor House Clearance are also probate valuers, so we provide a comprehensive service where we can clear the home of the deceased and provide accurate valuations around the contents of the home. Just occasionally, we come across something of real monetary value, but continually we are responsible for making sure family members receive those important items of real sentimental value.

Our advice, if you do find yourself in the unfortunate position of losing a loved one, please do make sure you have switched on your RADAR, you may uncover something quite extraordinary during a house clearance.

Manor House Clearance and Probate Valuers are based in West London. We provide a comprehensive, sensitive and professional service to all parties involved in a probate and house clearance situation. We pride ourselves on our exemplary reputation and long-term relationships with legal firms, auction houses and many families we have serviced over the years.